About Healthy Peach

The team at Healthy Peach have been helping people with their well-being for over 30 years. We've seen fads come and go and have the experience to know what's trustworthy and what's not.

Healthy Peach believe there is nothing more valuable than people's health and that of those we care about. We truly value our customers and strive to be a store you trust enough to have a long-term relationship with. That's why we have such a fair and honest returns policy. We stand by what we sell and give you customer service that will make you want to come back.

All of our product selection staff are qualified with appropriate Health Food Retailing Diplomas -- we only hire experienced experts in the field. Our team thoroughly research products and won't sell them to you unless we're convinced they are of the highest quality. Our range stretches across 5,000 products and almost 200 of the most respected health brands, and we hold high levels of stock so can dispatch your order quickly.

We're also passionate about the environment. We care about reducing excess packaging and don't just comply with current recycling regulations -- we recycle all we can and consistently exceed the regulations.

 If you want to live a healthy, happy life, you need look no further than HealthyPeach.com.

 Of the over 20,000 customers we've served, hundreds come back again and again. Here's what one of our happy customer's thinks:

 “Seven years ago I asked the Healthy Peach staff for something to help with my aching joints. The glucosamine and chondroitin they recommended has been a life-saver ever since and I'll always be grateful to them for the difference it's made to my life. I've come back to them several times since and really trust them.”

Damian Leslie, long-time customer, London

Our customers are healthy and happy. Try us, and we're sure you will be too.

The Healthy Peach Team