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A broad spectrum Food State multivitamin and mineral particularly high in B vitamins - especially vitamins B1 and B2. This supplement is ideal for people who are just starting off taking supplements, and for those who are particularly mentally tired and stressed.

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A supplement that is ideal for people who are just beginning to take supplements and for those who are particularly mentally tired and stressed, with low morale.

  • A one-a-day broad spectrum Food State multivitamin and mineral - uniquely provides nutrients in the same form as those in food
  • High in B vitamins, in particular B1 and B2
  • Also contains betaine, and a broad spectrum of necessary nutrients
  • Cytoplex is ideal for those who are particularly mentally tired and stressed, with low morale
  • Vitamins B1 and B2 help to give a feeling of well-being, encouraging people to continue taking the supplements
  • This supplement comprises a food base of inactive lactobacillus bulgaricus a native and friendly bacterial inhabitant of the human GI tract. This bacteria fits into normal metabolic pathways and acts natural carrier to help give optimal absorption and utilisation of the nutrients


Cytoplexone tablet will provide on average

Active NutrientStrength%NRV*
Beta Carotene 2.7mg *
Vitamin D3 0.58µg 12
Vitamin E 4.8mg 40
Vitamin C 9.7mg 12
Thiamin (B1) 6.4mg 582
Riboflavin (B2) 4.8mg 343
Niacin (B3) 6.4mg 40
Vitamin B6 6.4mg 457
Folic Acid 64µg 32
Vitamin B12 3µg 120
Pantothenic acid 6.4mg 107
Iron 1.2mg 9
Zinc 1.2mg 12
Iodine 100µg 67
Boron 0.2mg *
Manganese 0.2mg 10
Selenium 16µg 29
Chromium 19µg 47
Inositol 4.8mg *
Choline 4.8mg *
PABA 4.8mg *
Rutin 8.33mg *
Hesperidin Complex 1.67mg *
Betaine 8.33mg *

+NRV = Nutritional Reference Value
* Indicates no NRV

More Information

More Information
Manufacturer Cytoplan
Product Code 256100
Size 120
Form Tablets
Directions Of Use It does not really stand alone as a comprehensive one-a-day formula, but at 1 to 3 tablets daily it is ideal for those people taking supplements for the first time. When combined with CoQ10 Antioxidant Nutrient Formula (containing vitamin C) it offers a complete programme. It can also be used alongside the Cyto Gold formula to boost levels of B vitamins, at a level of 1-2 tablets daily.
Nutrition Info Nutrient Per tablet %RDA Beta Carotene 2.7mg * Vitamin D3 0.58
Precautions Suitable for Men, Women, Children and the Elderly Suitable for vegetarians and for people with Candida Free from Genetically Modified Substances
Other ingredients Vitamin C incorporated in citrus pulp; inactive lactobacillus bulgaricus combined with: vitamin B6, thiamin, pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin, para amino benzoic acid, inositol, ferrous fumerate, zinc citrate, manganese chloride, sodium borate.


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