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Candigest Plus

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Quick Overview

Candigest plus is a unique enzyme formulation that kills candida without the normal die-off effect, is non toxic to the liver, and the candida cannot become resistant to it.

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Candida has become so prolific.


Doctors often prescribe strong anti-fungal drugs to kill off candida. Trouble is, the candida can quickly become resistant to the drugs. So it soon returns.


Even worse, as the drugs kill the candida cells a surge of toxins are released. This so-called 'die off' effect intensifies the symptoms. Feelings similar to bad flu, skin rashes and mental confusion often result and can last for as long as week. While all this is going on, the liver (the body's main cleaning system) is put under significant strain to cope with the toxic invasion.


Killing candida without die-off - Candida can be killed off in a more natural and lasting way with Candigest Plus. This works by breaking down the candida cell wall before digesting the organism itself. It also digests and removes the toxins - so there is no die off effect. And because the complete organism is removed it doesn't return.


Why is it different?Candigest Plus's unique formulation contains seven key enzymes. Four of these digest the carbohydrates off which the candida feeds. In effect, the candida is starved. The other enzymes digest the candida organism's cell wall, thus killing it without the usual toxicity. Finally, Protease enzymes are the secret weapon that no other anti-fungal product has. These digest the protein nucleus of the candida organism to remove it entirely from the body. Candida cannot become resistant to Candigest Plus so its effects are lasting.


No 'die-off' effect


No toxicity to the liver


Candida cannot become resistant to it


Seven Point Plan- Strong probiotic supplements and subtle dietary changes will guard against candida overgrowth. The producers of candigest plus recommend this seven-point action plan.


1. Heal your leaky gut


2. Kill off the bad bacteria


3. Boost your immune system


4. Replace the good bacteria


5. Help your digestion


6. Adopt an anti-candida diet


7. Remove the cause


Product Code 224020
Manufacturer Candigest
Size and form 120 Capsules
Directions Of Use Normal adult dosage is two capsules twice a day taken on an empty stomach with a large glass of tepid water. Child dose is half a capsule twice a day per forty pounds of body weight.
Dosage No
Nutrition Info Cellulase
Malt diastase
Precautions Candigest plus is unsuitable for those suffering from peptic ulcers, gastritis or inflammatory bowel disease such as ulcerative colitis and crohn's.
Other ingredients Magnesium Stearate
Microcrystalline Cellulose

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