Orthomol Cardio

Orthomol Cardio affects primarily on the work of the heart muscle. Despite the fact that Ortomol Cardio drug designed specifically for patients with disorders of the vascular system, it allows you to support the entire body, as compensates for the lack of micronutrients, typically occurring in such diseases. Patients in need of maintenance of the cardiovascular system is most needed additional vitamins and other micronutrients that they mean special diets can not be obtained from their daily diet

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Product Description

 In addition, Orthomol Cardio produces a general healing effect, reduces the risk of co-morbidities, complications after surgery, as well as improving the overall tone at the same time, pressure is normalized. This development specialists Orthomol also increases the overall effectiveness of the treatment, carried out in many diseases of the cardiovascular system. Special dosage necessary for human body cells allows the body of the patient more quickly to cope with the disease and has an overall calming effect on the body. Especially for them, derived the optimal dose of these substances, as embodied in the new Cardio Ortomol.

Orthomol Cardio is a balanced dietary food supplement to cover specifically the increased needs of the organism in vital nutrients and to prevent failure phenomena, especially for people with heart and circulatory organs. Contraindications: the drug Ortomol Cardio includes one pill with iodine.

Additional Info

Manufacturer Orthomol
Product Code 330050
Size 297
Form g
Directions Of Use The daily dose Ortomol Cardio consists of a bag of pills (3 pieces) + capsule (4 pc). Take the contents of the bag during a meal or immediately after, drinking plenty of water.
Dosage N/A
Nutrition Info N/A
Precautions Orthomol Cardio should be taken under medical supervision. Ortomol Cardio is not intended to replace other medical therapy or medical appointments. For best results, we recommend long-term use of the drug Orthomol Cardio. If impaired glucose tolerance to accept only with careful observation of the metabolism.
Other ingredients N/A

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