Orthomol Mental

Orthomol Mental

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Intellectual activity of modern man completely determines the quality of his life. Cope disorder mental activity is not so difficult, it is enough to supplement your diet Ortomol Mental. Against the background of malnutrition and constant stress, our brain needs additional support. Mental activity is almost entirely dependent on the production of pantothenic acid in the body. Complex Orthomol Mental calculated on the total restoration and maintenance of the central nervous system and gives a very good and, most importantly, long-lasting effect.



Regular use Ortomol Mental preparation will allow you to re-experience all the colors of life that you possibly could lose because of the banal lack of necessary substances for the organism. Nervous exhaustion today quite ordinary diagnosis. Fully ensure the receipt of necessary elements can orthomolecular preparation Orthomol Mental, a part of which contains basic substances - vitamins, as well as magnesium and plant extracts. The lack of substance in the body that contribute to the development of pantothenic acid, leads to an overall suppression of mental function

Mental Ortomol drug used as an enhanced balanced diet and is not full foodstuff. Orthomol Mental is not intended to replace other medical therapy or medical appointments.

More Information

More Information
Manufacturer Orthomol
Product Code 330070
Size 673
Form g
Directions Of Use Recommended powder dissolved in 100-150 ml of boiling water or fruit juice and taken during or after a meal with two yellow and one green capsules at once or, if desired, during the day
Dosage Daily daily portion Ortomol Mental consists of a bag with the powder and three capsules. Orthomol Mental is not a substitute for food.
Nutrition Info N/A
Precautions Mental Ortomol should be taken under medical supervision
Other ingredients N/A


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