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Orthomol Vision

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Vision Ortomol contains vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B2, zinc and selenium. Orthomol Vision - the best to date, nutritional supplement, which is the balance of nutrients optimally supports the visual function, making it possible to enjoy a variety of colors and paints the world around us. 90% of information about the world gives only visual function. Permanent prevention of drug Ortomol Vision is a must.

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Orthomol Vision protects cells during the oxidative processes. Vitamin A, vitamin B2 as part Ortomol Vision supply the visual organs with nutrients to maintain and strengthen a stable good vision. To eyesight remained at a high level for many years, start a course Orthomol Vision before problems arise, or at the very beginning of their occurrence. Vision - the most complete human relationship with the environment. Ortomol Vision will help monitor the status of their own eyes: do not overload them, protected from light contrasts diet. It is especially important to take Orthomol Vision vitamins regularly, then your visual system starts to enrich micronutrient systematically and will work in full force. Balanced complex Ortomol Vision helps to maintain eyesight in good shape, prevention of eye diseases on the basis of the virus and age. Human eyes are very complex and fragile system. We distinguish between light and darkness, range of colors and shades our eyes a different perception of different types of lighting

More Information

More Information
Manufacturer Orthomol
Product Code 330060
Size 182
Form g
Directions Of Use N/A
Dosage Daily daily portion Ortomol Vision consists of three capsules. It is recommended to take one capsule three times a day, not liquid, squeezed small amounts of liquid during or after meals.
Nutrition Info N/A
Precautions Ortomol Vision should be taken under medical supervision. Orthomol Vision is not a substitute for food. Ortomol Vision is not intended to replace other medical therapy or doctor appointments
Other ingredients N/A


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